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two actors, one holding a rifle
two actors are in front of a projection of academic text about Macbeth and an American flag. one of them is dancing with his hand in front of his face, and one of them is sitting on the floor, looking at him.
six zoom squares. one has an eye, one has a phone light, one has an image of a woman with the words "Merrill Lynch Luftwaffen" over her face, one has that same woman playing guitar, one has just the words from the image of her face, and one has a person behind a puppet with green skin and grey hair
an actor wearing a suit looks up, he is lit from above
an actor with blue and white light on her face lifts her arms up. she is wearing round pink glasses made out of wire
two actors, one who is falling while holding a gun, in front of neon lights
a large projection of an actor's face behind a pair of ladders
a dancer kneels on a purple mat outside a blue house. on top of the image is a photograph of a fire
text spelling out sounds is in front of an image of a bodybuilder
two dancers bend sideways around each other, one has a hand on the other's face
three actors crawling
two actors look at a chalkboard with scribbles on it
an actor with a covering on his eyes and wearing a white shirt with suspenders stands in front of projected text
f. urts, waist ed (march 2021 workshop by joey santia).00_00_54_23.Still001.png
one actor, on hands and knees looks at the camera next to a fire in an outdoor furnace
two actors, one is touching the other's face
three actors lean over in purple light with stars projected behind them
an actor holds a piece of paper inside a dark box
one actor wearing a brown shirt stands in purple light
an actor in a glowing box with a clear sheet in front
two actors holding hands in front of a canvas sheet
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