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an actor does a pushup on an empty stage

Talley Murphy (she/they) is a stage director, video maker, and performance studies scholar. 

Talley is a founding member and director at fullscreen blackbox.

Talley's research concerns gesture and technology, the future of racial capitalism, and performance in carceral states. Talley writes about theatre, surveillance, the criminal legal system, whiteness & state violence, colonialism's human, dance, digital media, internet cultures, post-Marxism, & data.

Talley is a PhD Candidate in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies at Brown University and has a BA in Theatre from Barnard College.

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from nocturning; or Wayward Are Such Dreams

[live online play, 2021]

*flashing images/strobe effects

from The Prosthetic Institute of Science and Technology

[live play with digital video, 2018]

text by Lucas Baisch 

video contains medical imagery, gun use, and riot footage


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